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When you can’t participate in your normal holiday food traditions, things can look rather gray. Bring your world back into color as you realize how much you CAN eat. As an adult, you have more control over the foods you decide to eat. Choose to integrate these delicious holiday foods into your meals and parties, and you’ll be feeling festive in no time!

Chocolate: While you should avoid chocolate’s culinary buddy caramel, you don’t need to worry about chocolate itself. Dark chocolate is best for overall and mouth health, but even chocolate with more sugar can be a nice treat every once in awhile. It melts away from teeth and is easy to clean.

Fruit or Cream Pie: Homestyle fruit, cream, or custard pies are a holiday staple. Try a low-sugar apple pie, pumpkin pie, cheesecake with fresh fruit, or buttermilk pie. Remember to eat them in moderation, and enjoy every bite!

Cake or Brownies: Always a hit with guests, a gorgeous cake can be a beautiful and tasteful centerpiece at a holiday party. Just be sure to avoid crunchy nuts and sticky dried fruit! These can get caught in your wires and damage your brackets. Try a pumpkin spice cake, a double chocolate cake, or a golden butter pound cake. Be sure to brush your teeth and floss extra carefully on the days you eat sugary treats!

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