Do you have a child who needs braces? TinHan Orthodontics is excited to offer a fun, creative approach to orthodontics with WildSmiles! This kid-friendly braces system offers a variety of shapes and colors for your child’s braces so that they can decorate their smile to their liking.

In the past, orthodontics was considered a milestone of growing up, one that was never fun. Today, we offer a fun alternative to traditional braces that makes orthodontic treatment more enjoyable and gives your child the freedom to choose their design. Does your child like flowers? Footballs? Stars? Diamonds? WildSmiles offers all these shapes and more so that your child can straighten their teeth in style.

WildSmiles braces function just like traditional braces and offer the same level of results, with an added measure of fun. Your child will wear the braces for a pre-determined amount of time depending on the severity of their dental alignment. Treatment typically lasts 12-24 months, after which they will receive a retainer to maintain the new position of their teeth.

For more information about WildSmiles in Pearl City, Hawaii, and how your child can turn their teeth into a work of art, call 808-485-2444 today to schedule your child’s consultation with our orthodontist, Dr. Erik TinHan.