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Dr. Erik TinHan may need to place separators between your teeth to push them apart and provide room for your orthodontic brackets. Our orthodontist will discuss your treatment needs with you during your initial consultation to determine which services will best benefit your smile.

Separators, also known as spacers, are elastic rings that we will place between crowded teeth to provide gentle pressure that will push them apart. Overcrowded teeth are not only difficult to care for but may not accommodate your braces. We will place the separators in your smile in advance to provide space for the brackets, and will remove the separators when it is time to receive your braces.

While you are wearing your separators, you can continue to brush and floss your teeth as normal, though the floss should not come into contact with the actual separators or else it may dislodge them. Please be aware that while you are wearing separators, you should also avoid toothpicks and sticky foods. We will demonstrate how to reposition your separators if they happen to pop out before they are ready to be removed by the orthodontist.

You are welcome to contact TinHan Orthodontics at 808-485-2444 today to learn more about separators in Pearl City, Hawaii.