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Depending on the condition of your teeth and facial development, you may benefit from two-phase orthodontics. We encourage you to begin treatment as soon as possible to achieve optimal oral health and facial aesthetics that will continue to benefit you throughout your life.

Phase I
Phase I focuses on the development of the jaw so that it fits together properly and can accommodate all of the permanent teeth. This phase is typically recommended for children whose jaw structure is still developing and who often show signs of a jaw problem. Children over the age of 6 with jaw abnormalities qualify for early orthodontic care, which can prevent the need for oral surgery or tooth extraction later in life.

Our orthodontist and team will determine the type of appliance needed for your child based on their orthodontic records, which are X-rays, photographs, and models of the teeth. This will also help us determine if your child needs early treatment.

Resting Period
The teeth are left alone to erupt. Retainer appliances are often not used so that the teeth have freedom of movement to erupt into the spaces provided during Phase I treatment. We will continue to monitor your child’s teeth, with appointments being about every 6 months. Dr. Erik TinHan will notify you if any baby teeth need to be removed to allow the permanent teeth to erupt properly.

Phase II
Phase II is to ensure each that tooth will be properly positioned in the smile so that it is in harmony with the other teeth as well as the cheeks, lips, and tongue. Once all permanent teeth have erupted, upper and lower braces are applied and worn for an average of 24 months. Following braces, we will provide a retainer to maintain the new position of the teeth.

If you have further questions about two-phase treatment in Pearl City, Hawaii, please feel free to contact our office at 808-485-2444 today and speak with our team at TinHan Orthodontics.