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If your child has an overbite, Dr. Erik TinHan may recommend a Forsus™ appliance to reposition the jaws for a healthier, more comfortable bite. We invite you to visit our orthodontist today if you feel your child would benefit from orthodontic care, or if you have concerns about their oral health.

A Forsus appliance is typically recommend for children whose jaws are still developing. It is fixed to the braces to bring the lower jaw forward and move the upper molars back. Our orthodontist typically recommends this appliance for mild to moderate mandibular retrusions or for patients who do not wear elastics with their braces. The appliance is typically worn for 12 to 14 months and is introduced later on in the treatment process if we do not need to catch your child’s growth spurt.

Your child’s Forsus appliance will maintain consistent force during treatment. It utilizes a high-tech spring design that is easily applied to the braces. We are pleased to offer the Forsus appliance because it is patient friendly, durable, hygienic, and versatile, and it allows for highly predictable and accurate outcomes.

We encourage you to contact TinHan Orthodontics at 808-485-2444 today to learn more about how your child’s smile can benefit from a Forsus appliance in Pearl City, Hawaii.