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Over time, many myths have popped up about orthodontics, and TinHan Orthodontics is here to set the record straight. We invite you to review the following myths and the accompanying truth about orthodontics:

Myth: Orthodontists are only needed to treat complex and challenging cases.
Fact: Orthodontists treat all cases, and they have the expertise to differentiate between simple and complex conditions.

Myth: My general dentist can straighten my teeth.
Fact: Orthodontists have more skill and education when it comes to treating tooth alignment. Like dentists, orthodontists attend dental school, but then study another 2-3 years in an accredited residency program that focuses on tooth and jaw alignment. Orthodontists are specialists in treating alignment issues.

Myth: Braces are only for kids.
Fact: Braces are for all ages, and 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is an adult.

Myth: Braces are magnetic.
Fact: Braces are made from non-magnetic materials.

Myth: Braces are painful and take at least 2 years to achieve results.
Fact: Braces take some adjusting, but they are comfortable. Some patients only need to wear braces for months instead of years.

Myth: Braces can send signals to the Internet to download songs onto an iPod.
Fact: As of right now, this is not possible.

Myth: Braces are ugly, obvious, and are an embarrassment in professional settings.
Fact: Today, many offices offer discreet, nearly invisible braces made from ceramic or clear materials.

Myth: Orthodontists keep a low profile in their communities.
Fact: Orthodontists often give back to their communities through free or discounted services to needy patients.

Myth: Any dental professional can become a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.
Fact: Only orthodontists can become members of this association.

Do you have a question about orthodontics, or do you need to schedule a time to see our orthodontist in Pearl City and Hawaii Kai, Hawaii? Contact Dr. Erik TinHan’s office today!