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Your regularly scheduled braces adjustments at Dr. Erik TinHan’s orthodontic clinic represents an effective method for gradually correcting the alignment of your teeth. Each one of these outpatient sessions will tighten the orthodontic components to affect the connective tissues that anchor your teeth into your periodontal tissues.

As time goes on this progressive tension will gradually bring your teeth closer to their ideal alignment in your mouth.

Your adjustment appointments are also a good opportunity to repair or replace any orthodontic hardware components that have been bent, loosened, or otherwise compromised before they can affect the tension on your braces.

It’s also worth noting that any cavities that develop on your teeth could also complicate the realignment process. Some simple oral hygiene tools like interdental brushes, a floss threader, or an American Dental Association approved water flosser like Waterpik® can help you clean hard to reach places in your mouth.

If you have any specific oral hygiene concerns, you should always feel free to ask Dr. Erik TinHan or his staff specialists during your routine adjustment appointment.

If you had orthodontic braces installed at Dr. Erik TinHan’s Pearl City, Hawaii, clinic and you have an oral hygiene question, you can always call 808-485-2444 to speak to a staff member at TinHan Orthodontics.