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Ideally, you have been giving your smile thorough care your whole life, and braces shouldn’t change this. Even though metal will cover most of your teeth, you will need to continue to brush your teeth every day to remove trapped food particles. Braces will change the way you clean your smile, but our orthodontist and team can provide you with thorough instructions on how to clean your braces.

After receiving braces, instead of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily, you will need to do so after every meal. We encourage you to wait 30 minutes after eating, though, so that acids produced by food will be washed away by your saliva. Dislodge any loose food debris before cleaning your teeth by rinsing with water.

Begin brushing along your upper gum line, then move down to the top brackets. Using the same technique, brush the lower gum line up to the lower brackets and then clean your wires. You should brush for at least two minutes, but really take your time when cleaning your braces and don’t focus on more than one or two teeth at a time.

If, like many patients, you find it difficult to floss with braces, ask our orthodontist about alternative options for flossing, as a water flosser, floss threader, or soft pick may be easier for you. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth once more with water after flossing and brushing to remove any remaining food debris.

Dr. Erik TinHan and our team are happy to provide you with additional instructions to care for your braces in Pearl City, Hawaii; call 808-485-2444 today to schedule your visit to TinHan Orthodontics!