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Invisalign® is a beneficial and successful orthodontic treatment that can help people with minor misalignments in their teeth achieve the smiles of their dreams. It involves using clear, plastic mouth trays to shift and move the teeth. To help you know a little more about the treatment process, our orthodontist, Dr. Erik TinHan, is happy to explain the steps involved.

First, he will take pictures of your smile and will create a model of your teeth, gums, and bone on the computer. This is an improved way of making an impression of the smile because it doesn’t involve using molding “goop” or making a mess.

Second, your orthodontist will modify the model so it represents the smile you want. This is a very important step. Your orthodontist will use biology, physics, the diagnosis, and treatment recommendations to design a computerized smile that will give you the results you’re looking for.

Third, your orthodontist will send the information to the Invisalign laboratory where technicians will use the information and create aligners just for you. In fact, they will create a series of aligners that will shift and move your teeth and provide the results you want. When they are ready, they will be sent to our office. Your orthodontist will give you the first tray as well as the instructions you need to start your orthodontic journey.

To learn more about Invisalign in Pearl City, Hawaii, please reach out to our orthodontic office, TinHan Orthodontics, as soon as possible. Our team will be more than happy to help you if you just call 808-485-2444 today!