Overcrowded Teeth Might Be Corrected by Traditional Braces

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As your child’s oral structure grows and develops, their 20 primary teeth are gradually replaced by the 32 permanent teeth that will serve them throughout adult life. Sometimes multiple teeth can emerge very close together causing one or more to deviate from its ideal alignment.

If you have noticed a problem like this in your child’s mouth, you should consider setting up a braces consultation with an orthodontist like Dr. Erik TinHan. After a thorough examination he might recommend installing traditional braces into their mouth.

If the overcrowding problem is significant or a single tooth has turned at a severe angle, he might recommend a total extraction. The procedure can help to provide the necessary space for braces to bring the neighboring teeth into position.

After the tooth has been removed your child will likely be provided with a prescription for pain or anti-inflammatory medication which will need to be taken as directed.

Your child will need to return to TinHan Orthodontics for periodic adjustment appointments. These sessions will effectively tighten the orthodontic components to gradually bring their teeth incrementally closer to their ideal position.

If you live in the Pearl City, Hawaii, area and your son or daughter has an area of overcrowded permanent teeth, you should call 808-485-2444 to set up a braces consultation at TinHan Orthodontics.