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As you are likely aware your child’s primary teeth are not replaced all at one time. The process is gradual and tends to happen as their jaw structure grows to accommodate their complement of 32 permanent teeth. This can sometimes cause multiple teeth to emerge slightly out of their ideal angle.

If your son or daughter’s teeth meet at an imperfect angle can leave their mouth prone to problems like dental attrition. Sometimes an unaddressed malocclusion issue can also lead to an increased risk of suffering dental fractures.

In a case like this Dr. Erik TinHan might recommend installing traditional braces into their mouth to gradually correct the alignment of their teeth. This typically includes a variety of metal brackets, wires, bands, and other components to create a system capable of gradually adjusting the alignment of their teeth.

If your son or daughter isn’t comfortable with the overt appearance of orthodontic hardware in their smile, Dr. Erik TinHan might be able to apply a glaze of dental grade porcelain to many of the visible components. This material can be shaded to match their tooth enamel to make the braces less noticeable.

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