What Food Restrictions Come With Braces?

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As you may know, braces come with some restrictions concerning what foods you can eat. These restrictions are made to protect your braces, as many of these foods can ruin them. Even so, some foods can still be enjoyed, you just need to put a little extra work into them.

There are plenty foodstuffs that will poorly influence your braces. Some qualities to judge them by are whether they are sticky, hard or chewy. Also, if it takes some effort to bite into it, then you may have to go with another option.

Here are some of the things you should absolutely avoid, at least until the braces have straightened your smile. Caramel, gum, pretzels, popcorn and hard candies are not very beneficial for your braces

The options that follow are not good to just take a bite out of, but you may find ways around it. Corn on the cob, rib meat on the bone, carrots, apples and pears belong to this category.

So how can you still eat them? Some can simply be cut down to a smaller size. Pull the rib meat off the bone and cut it into small pieces, which is not very traditional but still palatable. Other things, like carrots, can be cooked in some way to make them softer for eating.

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